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I'm excited to announce my new horror novella, ENERVATION

Two teams of scientists have embarked on research expeditions to Site 03, a secluded valley somewhere north of Whistler, BC. Their mission: to uncover the Site's ecological anomalies. Join Team Gamma on the third expedition, composed of a botanist, geologist, microbiologist, radiobiologist, hydrologist, and a security detail. Priya Khatri, the botanist, is eager to prove herself on a research trip she's always dreamed of, despite still reeling from past trauma she wishes to bury.

I've done a ton of research to ensure ENERVATION is as factual as it is terrifying. It's been an absolute blast. 

Look forward to this story soon!


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When his dad takes a job in New England, 17-year-old Owen is uprooted from a quiet life in Oklahoma and thrust into a forested, rural, and seemingly ancient countryside. There's something about the buzzing cicadas, the peeling pioneer homes, and the muttering old man wandering the dirt roads that don't sit well with one's sanity.

MUTTER is my debut horror short story. It is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's breadth of New England stories, such as "The Whisperer in Darkness" and "The Picture in the House," and Robert W. Chambers' "The Yellow Sign." While this is a short story, my dedication to complex, endearing characters and motivations still maintain their rule over my craft.

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