“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”

- William H. Gass, A Temple of Texts


Hey everyone, Greg here.


I write science fiction a little differently. My fiction is grounded in our reality, with a few technological flairs here and there. Think Cormac McCarthy's grounded storytelling mixed with an alien invasion or two. I love writing gritty action with real weight to consequences; each thrown punch will cost something of our protagonists. My characters drive their stories forward, not the other way around. I write morally gray people, each of whom make choices with realistic gravity. I want to give the world grand adventures where you fall in love with the characters and remember them for life. I hope I have done that thus far. I hope you find something you like!

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The Daughters Trilogy Book 2

Three months have passed since V’delle’s cathartic homeward journey. In need of a purpose, she has no choice but to join a familiar rebel group in the abandoned city of Beliveilles. In order to gain more soldiers for her cause, V’delle will be forced to work with the most unlikely ally of all: a Khor’Zon defector. Together they will search for two people who could shift the balance of the war: Sedry Machovec, a rebel leader whose abrasive attitude and subversive tactics have ensured victory in the west; and a mystifying information broker known only as The Imperator.

Meanwhile, separated from V’delle by duty and fighting to maintain sanity during wartime, Farin de Corde tries to keep a growing discord within the Beliveilles rebel group from dismantling everything the humans have worked to build.

The Lo’Zon has emerged from the Chalis, a fallen Warlord claws her way to redemption, and allegiances on both sides are being destroyed by ulterior motives.

V’delle will need to use more than her prosthetic fist to promote diplomacy.

Daughters Cover 2022.jpg

The Daughters Trilogy Book 1

In 2047, the Khor'Zon landed in Eastern Europe. Without enough infantry they abducted human children to fight their war. Twenty years later, one of these soldiers discovers she's not retaining the indoctrination as well as her peers. V'delle l'Coureaux struggles with visions of a past life and her incubated desires to please her alien masters. With the unwanted help of another defective soldier named Farin, V'delle escapes the spaceship-turned-training facility and is set loose among the dilapidated and overgrown terrain in search of an identity.

During her journey, V'delle will encounter a spurned Khor'Zon Warlord, a family man whose secluded life is upturned by her arrival, and Earth's resistant forces whose morals blur those of the Khor'Zon. She will suffer through emotions she thought extinct and face hard truths about the world and herself. She will be forced to feel.


And even after all that, V'delle still must decide what defines a person if she is to regain her sense of self.


In the year 2041, Earth has fallen to a vessel-deteriorating virus called Edge. New York City remains salvageable from the last operating corporation on the planet, GenoTec, but life within the city proves stagnant. It isn't until a mysterious unveiling of a new GenoTec product that Mark Wenton, one of New York's degenerates, finds the energy to live again.

When Mark receives a call regarding his involvement as a new GenoTec Volunteer, his life as an Edge victim quickly turns into a life as a fugitive. Together with a new companion, the resourceful and headstrong Tara, he discovers something much more disturbing at GenoTec’s roots.

On the run from masked soldiers, Mark and Tara encounter an eleven-year-old boy on the verge of insanity, and a group of unruly, veteran mercenaries hell-bent on discovering the truth. But Mark must realize that it might not be Edge that kills him, it might be the truth.