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I'm excited to announce my new horror novella, ENERVATION

Two teams of scientists have embarked on research expeditions to Site 03, a secluded valley somewhere north of Whistler, BC. Their mission: to uncover the Site's ecological anomalies. Join Team Gamma on the third expedition, composed of a botanist, geologist, microbiologist, radiobiologist, hydrologist, and a security detail. Priya Khatri, the botanist, is eager to prove herself on a research trip she's always dreamed of, despite still reeling from past trauma she wishes to bury.

I've done a ton of research to ensure ENERVATION is as factual as it is terrifying. It's been an absolute blast. 

Look forward to this story soon!





Daughters Cover 2022.jpg

Published in 2016, Daughters was written while I was in college. Over the years, people wondered if there would ever be an audio version of the novel. Finally, that goal has become a reality. With two additional chapters, updated prose, and a brand new cover, I'm calling this Daughters 2.0. (Not to be confused with Daughters 2, which is The Recusant). 

Though it was a tremendous endeavor, I recorded and acted every voice/accent and character. I hope you enjoy it!

The Recusant Cover 2022.jpg




Three months have passed since V’delle’s cathartic homeward journey. In need of a purpose, she has no choice but to join a familiar rebel group in the abandoned city of Beliveilles. In order to gain more soldiers for her cause, V’delle will be forced to work with the most unlikely ally of all: a Khor’Zon defector. Together they will search for two people who could shift the balance of the war: Sedry Machovec, a rebel leader whose abrasive attitude and subversive tactics have ensured victory in the west; and a mystifying information broker known only as The Imperator.

Meanwhile, separated from V’delle by duty and fighting to maintain sanity during wartime, Farin de Corde tries to keep a growing discord within the Beliveilles rebel group from dismantling everything the humans have worked to build.

The Lo’Zon has emerged from the Chalis, a fallen Warlord claws her way to redemption, and allegiances on both sides are being destroyed by ulterior motives.

V’delle will need to use more than her prosthetic fist to promote diplomacy.


"One of the best books I have ever read. It started off slightly slow although it turned out quite gripping. The descriptions are stunning (vocabulary-expanding for sure), and it will maybe even make you cry." - Michael,
"The personalities in this book are varied and mesmerizing. There are characters you just hate immediately. But then there are complex antagonists that you feel for and equally despise. And the protagonists are deeply human, flawed. The world is vivid and tangible. The story ebbs and flow from fast-paced action to heartbreaking conversation and revelations. The story has surprises throughout, and culminates in beautiful horror." - Malena,
"This an amazing example of grounded Science Fiction. You are immersed into this story of a future Earth. The author writes so beautifully and brings you right into the story. I loved the characters and how they evolve and grow. The storyline flows brilliantly and you never want the book to end. Heartbreaking and funny. I loved it and highly recommend it!!" - Leisa,
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